Gauge Comparison

Gauge Comparison

Found a pattern but want to figure out if you can sub in another yarn?

Find below a table showing different gauges, all are in stockinette stitch unless otherwise specified - I will continue to add to this table over time.

While a matching gauge is a good indication of being able to sub a yarn, remember that different fibres have different properties, so consider the final look and feel when deciding to make the sub.

Gauge (stitches per 10cm) Yarn Needle Size  Other yarns with this gauge
30 Baby Garn 2.5mm
Merino Yarn 2.5mm
28 Sunday 3mm Knitting for Olive Merino
Lamull 2.5mm
27 Tynn Peer Gynt 3mm Alpakka Silk, Mandarin Petite, Mini Alpakka, Tynn Merinoull
Sisu 3mm
Alpaca Silk 3mm
Le Petite Silk Mohair 3mm
26 Finull 2.5mm
Merino Yarn 3mm
24 Tynn Silk Mohair 3mm
Finull 3.5mm
Le Petite Lambswool 3mm
Highland Mini Yarn 3.5mm
22 Alpakka 3.5mm Perfect, Smart, Mandarin Naturell
Peer Gynt 3.5mm
Merinoull 3.5mm
Duo 3.5mm
Le Petite Lambswool 3.5mm
Petunia 3mm
Highland Mini Yarn 4mm
21 Double Sunday 3.5mm
Super Soft 4mm
Sunday held with Tynn Silk Mohair 4mm
Le Lambswool 4mm
20 Double Sunday 4mm Robust, Tresko
Peer Gynt 4mm
2 strands Sunday held together 4mm
Tynn Peer Gynt held with Tynn Silk Mohair 4mm
Petunia 4mm
Highland Yarn 4mm
19 Merinoull 5mm
Le Lambswool 4.5mm
Super Soft 5mm
18 Heavy Merino 4.5mm
Fivel 4mm
Le Gros Lambswool 5mm
Double Sunday held with Tynn Silk Mohair 4.5mm
17 Maxi Soft 6mm
3 strands Sunday held together 3.5mm
Peer Gynt held with Tynn Silk Mohair 4.5mm
Heavy Merino held with Tynn Silk Mohair 5mm
Double Sunday held with Tynn Silk Mohair 5mm
16 Borstet Alpakka 5mm Tykk Line
KOS 5.5mm
Fivel 5mm
Le Gros Lambswool 5.5mm
Peer Gynt held with Tynn Silk Mohair 5mm
Highland Yarn 5.5mm
15 Alpakka Ull held with Tynn Silk Mohair 5mm
14 Merinoull held with Sunday 7mm
Heavy Merino held with Soft Silk Mohair 7mm
12 Borstet Alpakka 7mm
11 Double Sunday held with Borstet Alpakka 9mm
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