About Clementine

Hello, welcome to Clementine Knit Shop. 

I started Clementine Knit Shop during the pandemic.

I learnt how to knit when I was a young girl, but didn't really get into it until I was in my mid-twenties. My Dad was ill and I was going through a phase where I couldn't concentrate very well and knitting seemed to hit the sweet spot between mindlessness and holding my attention. Over time as I knit more I started to become more invested in the creative process and learning about fibres.

I was very keen to try out Sandnes Garn yarn (thanks PetiteKnit), but was unable to find it anywhere in New Zealand. So I slowly built up my online knitting shop and primarily bring in Scandi and European wools. I absolutely love NZ wool, and continue to knit with it. But don't stock it on my website as I prefer to buy directly from the producer whenever possible.

I live in beautiful Queenstown, and my sister who lives in Wanaka helps me send out the orders.

Oh and my name's Holly, I chose the name Clementine for my knit shop because it's my great-grandmother's name and my Dad always spoke so warmly of her.