Peer Gynt vs Double SUNDAY

Peer Gynt vs Double SUNDAY

Double SUNDAY and Peer Gynt are both dk weight yarns produced by Sandnes Garn. They are both beautiful, versatile and come in a great range of colours.

Find out a little more about these two yarns to help you decide on the perfect wool for your project.

The stats:

  Peer Gynt Double SUNDAY
Weight 50g 50g
Length 91m 108m
Gauge on 3.5mm needles 22 stitches 21 stitches
Gauge on 4mm needles 20 stitches 20 stitches
Gauge when held with Tynn Silk Mohair on 5mm needles 16 stitches 17 stitches
Fibre Norwegian Wool Merino
Key properties Warm, durable, gets softer with time, less pilling, not as soft as merino Warm, very soft, more prone to pilling, can be worn directly against the skin
Perfect for Jumpers, cardigans, felting, outerwear, vests, throws Jumpers, cardigans, baby items, hats, can be worn against the skin

Storm Sweater

Celeste Sweater

Louvre Sweater

Marseille Sweater

Weekend Hat

Moby Sweater Baby

Colours Wide range including tweeds Wide range, but not as extensive as Peer Gynt, no tweeds
Price Under $15 Over $17


The gauges are very similar, if you are looking at a pattern that calls for either yarn, and uses 4mm needles you should be able to switch them out fairly easily. One key thing to note however is the difference in running length. Double SUNDAY is 17m longer per 50g than Peer Gynt. When considering smaller objects that might not make a huge difference, but if you are making a sweater or a blanket that requires 10 balls, the difference grows to 170m. So if you plan to knit a pattern that calls for Double Sunday and use Peer Gynt instead, bear in mind that you may need more balls, and visa versa.

In many cases, Peer Gynt and Double Sunday will be fairly interchangeable. Apart from the running length and the price, the other key consideration is who the garment is for. If you are knitting for a baby (under 2 years) or somebody who has sensitive skin, I would choose Double SUNDAY for extra softness and comfort. But most adults will be comfortable wearing Peer Gynt, and choosing Peer Gynt does open you up to a few new colours and fantastic durability. The extra structure that Peer Gynt has that gives it durability (but decreases softness)also makes it great for colourwork.

Both Peer Gynt and Double SUNDAY have "little sister" yarns. Tynn Peer Gynt and Sunday. Check those out if you are looking for similar properties in a lighter-weight yarn.


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